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Urb-it market spotlight on Spain - a blog by Ignacio Achirica, Country Manager

We were delighted to launch in our third European market, Spain in January. Country Manager Ignacio Achirica shares insights on the opportunities Urb-it has in Europe’s fastest growing e-commerce market.

Ignacio Achirica

Spain Country Manager
March 16, 2022
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Urb-it market spotlight

Blog by Spain Country Manager Ignacio Achirica

We were delighted to launch in our third European market, Spain in January.  Country Manager Ignacio Achirica shares insights on the opportunities Urb-it has in Europe’s fastest growing e-commerce market.

Why did Urb-it launch in Spain?

As well as being the fastest growing e-commerce market in Europe, Spain also has current and planned regulations to reduce emissions and congestion across 180 of its largest cities and towns by 2023.  

This will have a huge impact on what types of transport can deliver a growing number of parcels in these cities and towns.  Our time is now!

Why did you join Urb-it?

Having worked for many years in the logistics industry, I wanted a different challenge and the opportunity to build a different type of business.  I loved the passion and determination of the team that I met – and feel very aligned with Urb-it’s mission.  I was excited to have finally found a company that lives up to their values. If someone gave you the chance to improve the city that you and your family live in, wouldn't you take it?

Why are you launching in Madrid and Barcelona?

Madrid and Barcelona are just the starting point; as the two largest cities in Spain, they have the highest population densities and high proportions of e-commerce – but also the worst congestion problems.  These are the cities where we can have the greatest impact.

Both Madrid and Barcelona are operating Low Emission Zones, which makes them the ideal cities for our e-cargo fleet to operate in and move efficiently through the cities.  As we continue to grow, we aim to expand our positive impact to many other Spanish cities in the future.

How can Urb-it transform Spanish urban logistics?

By doing what we do in the many other cities we operate in across the UK and France – decreasing congestion, improving air quality and offering our superior customer experience by our couriers on our e-cargo bike fleet.   Our fleet reduces carbon emissions by over 90% compared to traditional vans and are 60% more efficient – so can do twice as many delivery stops.  

We want the people that live in Spain to benefit from a great, customer friendly delivery experience – and understand the positive impact that our solution can have on their lives.

What kind of businesses do you want to work with?

We want to partner with e-commerce brands that we can create an end of brand experience for through our deliveries; and also to partner with the logistics sector to support their sustainability commitments.  For example, we work with Amazon in France and Yodel in the UK and our sustainable last mile deliveries directly support their carbon reduction policies.

What are you passionate about?

My family – I have two young daughters and it is impossible not to be passionate about them! We love spending quality time together on the weekends and playing sports.  I always try to immerse them in music and encourage them to play instruments, as well as I try to learn new things they like, such as skateboarding, which my eldest now loves.

What makes Urb-it different?

What I believe makes Urb-it different is its mission and the people that work there. I have been introduced to brilliant people that are dedicated to the company and its values – and committed to looking after its couriers and offering them benefits and growth opportunities.

2021 was a year of rapid growth for Urb-it, and we have further expansion plans across Europe in addition to growing in our existing markets and cities in the UK, France and now Spain.

Urb-it stands out because it has also committed to continually improving its impact on people and the environment, through being a B Corp certified business.  There is a lot of opportunity to share with the Spanish market what this means and for the B Corp movement to grow in Spain.

Ignacio Achirica

Spain Country Manager

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