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Co-op expands rapid ethical delivery service in London with Urb-it.

London August 17th ,2021 – UK food retail giant Co-op has partnered with green logistics provider and B Corporation, Urb-it to expand its rapid delivery service in London. Co-op will utilise Urb-it’s state-of-the-art ship-from-store API technology to offer its London-based customers ethical home deliveries, within a 60-minute time slot.

By David Gray

Marketing Manager, UK
August 17, 2021
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London August 17th ,2021 – UK food retail giant Co-op has partnered with green logistics provider and B Corporation, Urb-it to expand its rapid delivery service in London. Co-op will utilise Urb-it’s state-of-the-art ship-from-store API technology to offer its London-based customers ethical home deliveries, within a 60-minute time slot.

The new joint offering will initially launch from 10 local Co-op stores, with aspirations to grow the partnership over the coming year. Forming part of Co-op’s online offer, the convenience retailer will leverage Urb-it’s unique walking delivery model to effectively service hyperlocal deliveries across London and beyond.  For larger goods and longer delivery routes, the partnership will combine walking with Urb-it’s modern eco cargo bike fleet to further grow its delivery capability, all while improving the health of the city.

The latest research suggests that a combined driving and walking delivery system could be a viable alternative to last-mile delivery problems in urban areas to mitigate the adverse effects of more traditional means of distribution, such as traffic congestion and the use of curbside space*. Furthermore, in a recent article published by the Guardian, a study showed that cargo bikes deliver about 60%faster than vans in city centres, and found that bikes had a higher average speed, dropping off 10 parcels an hour, compared with six for vans*.

The service will utilise Urb-it’s eco vehicle fleet and both parties will combine to operate convenient, fast, and sustainable deliveries that reduce emissions and congestions in built up urban areas across London.  

Chris Conway, Head of eCommerce, Co-op, said: “Our focus is to continue to innovate and look for new and better ways to do business in our communities while expanding access to our products and services. In addition to offering quality and value quickly, easily, and conveniently, we need to do this sustainably, and by working collaboratively with partners with shared values we can ensure we further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, something which is essential if we are to have a healthy and sustainable natural environment to pass on to future generations.”

Sébastien Potts,UK Country Manager, Urb-it, commented: “The pandemic has brought about a shift in consumer buying behaviour with many seeking more convenient delivery solutions that meet their needs and match their values both ethically and environmentally.Combining our green delivery model and robust courier service platform, Urb-it offer will offer Co-op customers a high-quality experience through highly trained couriers to enhance their rapid delivery capability and improve the health of the community through a low-emissions fleet. As a community retailer, built upon a local store network, the Co-op has put green living at the forefront of their sustainability agenda. Therefore, I think Urb-it is a great fit for Co-op as together we can aim to use the partnership to make our communities more resilient and sustainable. We have chosen to work with as Co-op as they have set ambitious sustainability targets including ensuring all their online home deliveries are zero emission by 2025. I believe our team at Urb-it will be its lead supplier in achieving this goal, and over the coming months, we at Urb-it are also excited to help the Co-op innovate their delivery approach and provide their customers with convenient, low-emission homedeliveries."




Carrington, D 2021, Cargo bikes deliver faster and cleaner than vans, study finds, The Guardian, 5th August, p. A03, accessed 10thAugust 2021 <>

Martinez-Sykora,A., McLeod, F., Lamas-Fernandez, C., Bektaş, T., Cherrett, T., & Allen, J.(2020). Optimised solutions to the last-mile delivery problem in London using a combination of walking and driving. Annals of Operations Research, 1-49.

About Co-op:

Co-op is one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives with interests across food, funerals, insurance, and legal services. Owned by over 4 million UK consumers, the Co-op operates 2,600 food stores, over 800 funeral homes and provides products to over5,100 other stores, including those run by independent co-operative societies and through its wholesale business, Nisa Retail Limited.  Employing over 60,000 people, the Co-op has an annual turnover of £10 billion. As well as having clear financial and operational objectives, the Co-op is a recognised leader for its social goals and community-led programmes. The Co-op exists to meet members’ needs and stand up for the things they believe in.  When Co-op Members buy Co-op branded products and services, they receive a 2pfor every pound spent reward, and the same amount is donated to its Local Community Fund for local causes and a new Community Partnerships Fund, intended to support communities through like-minded national charities and organisations.

For media enquiries contact: Andrew Torr – Co-op Press Office / M:07702505551 / E:


About Urb-it:

Urb-it is a Swedish logistics company and Certified B Corporation™. Powered by a robust technical platform, and its community of dedicated Couriers. Urb-it offers a customer-centric end-to-end fulfilment service for e-commerce, retail, and the on-demand market. The company today operates in the UK and France and works with leading European brands.

The company’s mission is to transform logistics with a human service that fights for the health of cities. Delivering the last-mile exclusively on foot, bike or with cargo-bikes, Urb-it aims to reduce air pollution, noise pollution and congestion in Urban areas, while providing a delivery service that exceeds customer expectations. Urb-it’s Couriers are carefully recruited and trained by Urb-it to provide excellent client service.

The solution is available to merchants via direct API-integration as well as through a range of leading transport management systems. Services include delivering the same-day, next-day, nominated day and returns and can be fulfilled both from the merchant’s online store and physical store network.

The Company’s Certified Adviser is Mangold Fondkommission AB who are reachable on +468- 503015 50 or .



















By David Gray

Marketing Manager, UK

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